Eyes are for reading

The best thing to do to shake off after-effects of a trip, is a good clean-up. So you unpack your bags. Throw all your dirty laundry to the hamper. Store away all the things you brought for the trip that you never got to use. Sigh at your pictures and make a mental note to send copies to friends and relatives. Then curl up to the welcoming covers of your bed and finish the thick book you left home.

Only, I forgot my eyeglasses back in Odiongan. It's the only working pair I've got left and I'm too broke to buy new ones. So, I've avoided doing any reading at work and I made my computer text really big. But I still got headaches just the same. And added to that, I still feel a bit of nausea from the boat ride which I haven't managed to shake off. I don't know, but it turned into a hyperacidity attack Thursday night and I need to puke again. Sigh. So I was absent from work again, Friday, with a huge migraine and dizzy spells that beelines me to the bucket. I'm alright now. I haven't left the house and I'm bored as hell. And that's terrible because I don't have eyeglasses to read!

So what I did was clean-up. Not just my bags I've brought for the trip, and the laundry, but I cleaned up my room too. My drawers, my pictures, my shoes. I've stacked my books neatly and folded all my underwear. But I'm still bored. I dream of eyeglasses and wish I could buy one before I go back to work on Monday. Big sigh.

If I was married, I wonder if I would have problems like these.

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