Photo exhibit is done and contrary to rumors, the competition was fair after all. I invited two people to this class so I wouldn't feel so alone. One got first prize. The other got second prize. Both also won first and second in the same category. Me? I got 4th prize out of 79 pictures in the Landmark category. And I got 5th out of 65 in the Bulbing category. And I got a People's Chioce Award, meaning people picked my picture to be their favorite. :) After we packed up everything, Photo 1 classmates and I went over to my teacher's house and got drunk with wine while singing videoke songs. Of course, after about two glasses, I was singing too.

I am rumored to be dating one of my friends in Photo Class. Truth is, there was never anything romantic going on. That thought never even occured to both of us. And I don't even want to consider it. I like this platonic thing. And putting meaning into this friendship will just ruin the support system. So I tried to end the rumor by telling it bluntly: There are no loveteams allowed in this class. Hehehe.

Got home late afternoon and got a call from the Crow. We went out for coffee and drove around town in circles till he got sleepy. We discussed God (pauses, guffaws, and falls off chair). No, seriously, he planned to go to mass the next day. He confessed that even if he was not living a saintly life, he had fear of God. And one must have a God. He then accused me of not having any. I told him I do have a God. And He keeps me from doing foolish things. Like doing things I will regret later on. (Smirks at self).

Still no pictures. I keep putting things off. After taking pictures, I don't want to waste my time editing them. Even if it just changing the size to a smaller resolution for the web. Sigh. I'm getting lazier by the minute.

Having dinner with the Crow tonight. He needs company so I will keep him company till he gets bored.

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