Gross Negligence

I'm surrounded by people with huge regrets right now. The theme this week: What you don't do has far greater reverberations than what you do. I know that.

The doctor just told me that even if I am not diabetic as I feared, I need to lower my cholesterol. So he has placed me on a diet without my happy foods. So I think of all those days when I thought about exercise ... thought being the operative word, and I wish I did them.

I gave the Crow a long lecturette about problems during our regular drive around the city. I gave talks like these when I was in the Youth Ministry. Didn't know it would come in handy. So here it is: Four things you should remember about problems:

1. Problems always come with pain. If they weren't painful, they wouldn't be a problem. And if you do experience problems without pain, then maybe you should start worrying. It would means one of two things: that you've become an unfeeling passive person (which I think is worsE) or you are dead.

2. Problems are warning signs. They are there to let you know that there are things you've been taking for granted, or things you should do that you haven't been doing, or (worse) you don't do things you should be doing. Think of it as an alarm clock that rings to tell you, time's up.

3. Problems are opportunities for growth. Problems are always bigger than we are. If they were smaller, they wouldn't be a problem. Bigger shoes for bigger boys. So, problems will always be, relatively bigger, as you grow older. You won't be crying for milk at the age of forty. If you are, then that might be a bigger problem - hehehe. In the end, you always end up the wiser. Just remember, "NEXT TIME, DO NOT THAT!"

4. No matter where you are with regard to your problem, God will always be there. Just pray for strength, comfort, healing ... YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE.

My sympathies to the people who are kicking their own butts right now. Bear in mind that no matter how hard you kick, it will not change the situation. So let go and let God. Life offers a lot of second chances. Sometimes the second chances turn out better than the first. You never know.

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