This means ... war

I sometimes feel I'm in the midst of a silent war. If I step to the right, I get shot. If I step to the left, a mine explodes. If I stay put, a bomb eventually finds me and blows me up to smithereens. Sigh. I have no ambition to be Condolezza Rice. I always say, I'm not one to survive a war. But like any soldier, I do what I can to get through the night.

I do not claim to solve everyone's problems. I do not even try. All I do is to get by, take a day at a time and I know I cannot please everybody. I hate it when people bitch to me and tell me I have an attitude-problem! Yudiputa! WHO DOESN'T? If I can't solve this problem, why don't you? Why wait for me to make the first move? If you claim I'm not alone in all this, why does it feel like I am? What have you done to remedy the situation? Don't go lashing unto me just because YOU CAN"T GET YOUR DAMN BROADBAND! There! You know you deserve that!

So I shake this off and wait for the next shoot-out. I don't want to carry a chip on my shoulder. I think I've carried enough already. I do what I have to do. If they don't like the way I do it, they can either do something about it or they can shove it up their (bleep). Breathe. End of Outburst. Ceasefire.

I always say that crying is not a sign of weakness. But, Dang! it is a big handicap when you're trying to stress a point. It ruins the exit. :)

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