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I changed my mind about the Crow (because that's what girls do!). He may not be McDreamy or Burke ... but he could be a Dr. House :). At least , he cured me of my fear of aggressive men. After the Crow, I think I can handle any guy (Note: this confidence might not last very long). Said good-bye to him as he flew back to his nest last Friday. We were suppose to meet but I had this event-thing so we couldn't. So goodbyes were said on the phone. Short and sweet. He was sad, not of leaving, but of some other crisis. He felt that may not return. I assured him he will. I now wonder what happened to him.

On the home front, I am sad to report that our phoneline has been cut-off. Unpaid bills. I don't plan to pay it. Truth is, I can't afford anything right now. Hahaha. But I'm not homeless, so I'm alright. And the Viking worries. So I have to assure him, I'm alright again and again. So no phone. And no internet at home. I like the idea of not hearing a BBBBBBRRRRRRRRR-RRRRRRIINNNNGGGGGG in the morning. I don't use it much anyway. No one could. My sister is always online so the phone is always busy. Now that we don't have the phone, nobody seems to miss it ... except for my always online sister. Poor girl. So anybody who needs to contact me, will have to call me on my cellphone ... which I prefer to be always on silent mode. ;) Seclusion is not a bad word, you know.

Went to this Friday event thingy. Last minute, they needed a photographer because the one they hired didn't show up. I had film but no flash for my manual camera ... which is bad for covering an event with old ladies who can't stand still. So I settled for this digital point and shoot. Some shots were disastrous. Which is pretty much what I expected. They treated me like they would a hired-photographer. Makes me not want to be a photographer for hire. "I AM AN ENTHUSIASTIC HOBBYIST! AND I"M NOT CHARGING ANYONE FOR THIS!" I shout silently to myself. But after the humiliation, I think they need to pay me. Hahaha. I remembered why I hated going to functions like that. A lot of those ladies with fancy dresses and thick make-ups, are fake. And fake people tend to be miserable and lash on to the nearest hired-photographer. Hehehe. So I'm bitter. But at least I can laugh about it.

I'm an earth person. I prefer things real and outfront. And I'm a planner and list person. If you're in a rush, please don't call me! I don't work like that.

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