Depressingly Empty

The fridge is empty. There's practically nothing in it but water. I have 300 pesos left for food and we have nothing to cook tonight except sugar - hahaha. And I just have enough allowance for two days. Problem is I have to go to Pototan tomorrow for Photo Class and need to contribute 200 pesos for my community's Christmas party. LOL. It's not exactly "living on the edge" but yup, I'm edgy alright. We've been assured of a bonus. Of just how much this is and when exactly they will give it remains a mystery. But even if I do get the bonus, it will just be enough to pay for the dentist, the maid's 13th month pay, the ham I ordered for Christmas, the mp3 player I promised my nephew and my birthday blow-out at work. What to do about gifts? No gifts. That's the only solution. And no Christmas either. Sigh. So what else is new? I feel sad about this but hell, I should be used to it by now. Things hasn't changed. They just tend to get a lot worse. I have an extreme need to pig-out and pretend I'm rich. But as they say, reality bites. And as always, it bites in the ass. I try to conjure a feeling of how lucky I am that the typhoon didn't pass my way, that I still have my house, my computer etc. etc. But shit! I don't feel none of that crap today.

I discovered Sims by the way. To update you, my bachelor is becoming suicidal, my roomies are fighting over who's cleaning up what, and my rich housewife just burned down her kitchen. Hahaha. That should be funny, right?

Reading two books: Bergdorf blondes by Plum Sykes and Can You Kep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella. Truth is I find both shallowly entertaining. But right now, I really can't read anything dramatic and sad. I'm opting for picker-uppers. But the truth is, the above books are really lousy! I don't don't know. Maybe I have something against women who like brand label shopping and think that a man would complete them. OMG! I might be really depressed and I don't know it yet! (insert Ordinary People theme here) The books are a far cry from J.D. Salinger's Catcher On The Rye - (I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this book) but they keep my mind off other things. So yes, I'm sticking to reading them.

Oh yeah, I spent 3 days making vector art of my three nieces in Photoshop. I figured that if I could get them printed in large format, I could give them as Christmas gifts. The girls just had their rooms painted. I hope this would be a nice addition to teenagers' room. I'll post smaller versions here after Christmas and tell you if they liked it or not. They will have to like it because they're not getting anything else from me. hehehe.

To laugh when you are down is to lose your mind. Maybe it's just the effects of the dog bite I had years ago. Or maybe this is just who I am?

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mellowyellow said...

The sims eh? Mine have better lives than me! Merry Christmas