Christmas Wishlist 2006

When I made this list last year, everything on the list was all improbable. But I got 5 out of ten on my list last year. A lot of them were not what I really asked for but they came close and fulfilled my need for them. So I'm making a new list for 2007.

1. Peace on Earth, Goodwill to men!
2. Multi-Card Reader

3. DDR RAM 1Gb for my Photoshop creations and a new computer while I'm at it
4. Canon EOS latest version

5. Canon lens to go with my camera

6. a new cellphone. Mine is extremely antiquated.

7. a new pair of Levis - I miss my old one
8. Paint my room
9. a homemade work-table. Had my friend draw me a perspective plan for my room. I need 3000 pesos to make this come true.
10. a car or a bike or anything that would let me travel on my own

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