Last day

Received a Christmas Card from a long lost friend plus plus plus. We haven't talked for months. The card was unexpected and the short note that came with it is - ugh! (tug heart strings) endearing. Just when you thought you've found peace, the waves roll in. ;) I think I like my life when it takes a tumble. Chaos is not my element, but here I am welcoming it with mixed feelings. Yup, I so love Christmas cards from long lost friends +++.

As promised, I'm posting my vector drawings of my nieces. Sorry if you find it so small but I also wanted to tell you that I've become a deviant :) and will start posting my drawings on my DevianART space. I've posted one of the bigger pics there too in case you want to view it. You can access the link here.


A word of advice to little kids out there who loves to read, never ever read the Chronicles of Narnia and the Series of Unfortunate Events Series at the same time. I'm doing just that and one tends to overshadow the other. I have such high respect for CS Lewis. I'm not sure if the movie ruined the book for me but it pales in comparison to Lemony Snicket. But I've seen that movie too and I still liked the book. There's a difference in writing styles. I don't know. Maybe it's the timing. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe reminded me too much of Christ's crucifixion - hehehe. And the Magician's nephew - too much of Creation. I should just read one series first then go to the next. The Chronicles of Narnia are ruined for me - all because of the Bauldelaire kids. Not even Aslan can change that.

Going out with friends tonight for therapy. Will celebrate the last day of work this year with wine and song. :) A belated Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New year too.

Oh almost forgot. My braces were removed two days ago. I am now metal free for 4 days. I will be fitted with retainers this Saturday and that will remain till my dentist have fixed all my fillings and caps. And that will empty my pockets some more - can't believe the cost of fixing teeth nowadays. But I love my teeth. Yup, it was all worth it. ;D

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