So much for up and down

him: tell me about u
me: im a cynic
me: how about u?
him: i am a romantic
me: good for u. any luck?
him: let us hope for the best. so tell me
me: tell u what?
him: any thing u like. anything u feel pleasure
me: i like to listen
him: great. i appreciate. hat is a great quality of listening and sign of intilligentia
me: thank u. what do u like?
him: in fact i like u. one of the qualities i am finding person
me: really? did my profile pic get me in trouble again?
him: no. never
me: which qualities are those?
him: one u have disclosed, other are many when time comes i will tell u. wait till such time. ok
me: im not very patient
him: then u r not good listener
me: good point
him: yes. hats off to rectifying ur weakness
me: thanks. so what r u up to?
him: it is my plesure. come to the point. ask me straight away. i am fair minded person
me: of course. times a-wasting
him: be open. be frank
me: i thought i am
him: no pain no gain. no, u r not
me: ok
him: ok. i know u r clever person
me: u can tell that with just a few sentences?
him: yes. again u have to wait for u r turn
me: wow, u must be very talented
him: no doubt in it. many more are there. u have noteced one only. now the great stars on the war
him: where do u live
me: i live above the equator, in asia
him: ok
him: can u specify the area
me: u will have to wait ur turn
him: location? definitely. in fact it is immaterial to me of area. since u r woman that is enough
me: i totally agree
him: great. i told 2 stars on the war
me: what do u mean?
him: u consider yourself stubborn and i am not less than that. u got what i mean
me: what does have to do with stars and the war?
him: to unite each other. love and war both are fair
me: they are. but only when u want to get involved
him: definitely
me: i dont want to get involved. im not the type
him: but a magnet attracts only iron. type will be moulded
me: some types cant
him: r u married
me: no. im not the type
him: u will be made type what i need
me: i dont obey men. i never had. i never will
him: according to my choice
me: LOL. u give urself too much credit
him: then u r not woman
me: says you
him: definitely. i am the supreme
me: u r what? well, u r entitled to ur own opinion
him: man is the creator of the nature. i am up. u r down
me: so much for gender sensitivity
him: if there is no gender sensivity there is no meaning of creation
me: just because im woman doesnt make me less a person
him: i never made u less. u r equal to me. u will be my partner with equal right
me: but i am down and u r up? what does that mean?
him: equal opportunity
him: man is always up. that is universal phylosophy
me: LOL. it is men like u that reminds me never to get married. that is ur philosophy. it may not be entirely universal, not in my world anyway
him: but personally when u come in to contact in body relation u will be thankful to God for this life. in fact u will pray God u need more lives to come as woman to this world. ok
me: u just lost me
him: i never lost u. in fact u r very close to me. really u r climbing the ladder. u r learning. to me during these 34 years u did not come across the right person like me. that is what u missed. wasted 34 yrs. nobody won with me. then how can u
him: any how many thanks for lovely chat
him: take care
him: have nice time
him: wish u all the best
him: pray for u r wisdom
him: cia

I tuned out after "u just lost me". I guess, I wasn't such a good listener. LOL.

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