They tell me I'm old

It's my second debut. My friends say I should throw my second debutant's ball. I said no need. I've been celebrating my birth everyday by living. Naks! Hehehe.

Most of my friends tell me not to worry about aging, or on getting more wrinkles, or remind me that I am old. Hahaha. I'm not worried about getting old. I'm more worried about thinking old ... but that part, I can control as long as I still have all my senses with me ... and a lot of self-humor too.

I now have 7 strands of white hair at the top of my head. They've somewhat become more visible. They tell me I should dye it black. I said I'm keeping it white. That way I can still count them. :) If a good majority turn white, then maybe I'll consider dying them ... white. (hehehe.)

Happy Birthday to me!

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