In Your Face

gloat [glōt]
be smugly happy: to feel or express smug self-satisfaction about something such as an achievement, a possession, or somebody else's misfortune

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Is it sour graping to be irritated of in-your-face gloating?

This GIRL called me all the way to Passi just to brag about the cameras she had received from her grandmother. She kept repeating, "Nahisa ka? Nahisa ka?". And to add insult to injury, she would say "BEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH!!!!", like a juvenile infantile 20 year old would.

YES, I envy her. YES, I wish I had a living grandmother who would buy me those things. YES, I hate it that she has all these cameras while having one good one is all I really want. BUT I hate it that she has to keep gloating all over my face as if I'm scum. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

She did that when she lost weight and I didn't. She did that when she won in a contest and I didn't. She did it when her mom bought her this expensive camera and I still has my old Olympus. I think she does it in every opportunity she gets, as if gloating would make her superior and more lovable. (Vomit! Vomit!) At first, I thought she had every right to gloat because she had all those things. As if by just being her, she earned everything. NOT!!!!!

I HAD ENOUGH. If she gloats once more, in my face, I will have to SMACK HER!

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