Advance Photography Class starts today. I think I like our small group. I also think it would have been much more fun if our old group were all there too. But change is constant and so it is with our class. I welcome the new faces. That always mean new inputs. I'm looking forward to new photo opportunities. And more importantly, more challenges. Egos will balloon again soon.

I attend a photographer's club meeting - my first. We were celebrating two birthdays of two very kind and nice people, so personally, in my end at least, attendance is a must. And like all artist, photographers too have the habit of showing up their best and most recent accomplishments. For a while, it was entertaining. Watching all shots of professional and non-professional photographers is, for me, the amateur, a learning experience. But like all artists, photographers take pride in their work ... and thus have large egos to boot. Some are humble enough to keep quiet and let their pictures speak for themselves. Those are the photos I found most impressive. Because they did not explain it. Photos should speak for the photographer because that is their voice.

But there are egos that are just ... well, overpowering. And infuriating. There's this one ego I can't stand. I think he likes listening to himself talk so we let him. He seems to know a lot about everything. For awhile I was curious, then I was bored, and then I was losing my mind. He wouldn't stop talking and always manage to bring himself up in any conversation. I hate to be like that. I wish I had someone who would keep me in check in case my ego balloons itself to kingdom come.

Hehehe. Egos. Sometimes you just have to deal with it.

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