Year of the Pig

Oink! Oink!

So this is it. I tell myself this every year but I keep hoping that maybe, this year will be it. I’m really desperate to lose weight. I now weigh 60 kilos (132 lbs.). That weight has been consistent for the last three years but my friends keep telling me how big I am. So maybe my weighing scale is no longer dependable. My pants are after all, tighter than they were used to be and I find myself buying clothes a size bigger than I used to be. So, that should wake me up right? God! I hope so! I keep picturing Gilbert Grape’s mother and I’m so afraid I will be soooooo big that I would too ashamed to leave my own house. So this has to be THE YEAR.

Plan is to walk 30 minutes a day, decrease intake of sugar, rice, bread, potatoes and pasta for at least a week then try to do without it when I can. And I know I need to exercise more.

Today is day 1. I skipped breakfast. Had coffee. Had a full lunch: chicken estofado, 1 cup of rice (I know! I know!), soup and banana candy (Duh!). I hope to skip dinner tonight. It’s not very healthy, I know that. But this is just for today when I’m very determined. I need to keep my sense of humor about me because I don’t want to be a pain in the ass when I’m losing weight. I’d rather be a nice person than a fat person any day. But yes, there will be evil spawn days and days where I won’t really care but yes, I do want to lose weight. That’s my number one new year’s resolution. And this year, will be the year.

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