Chasing Atticus and more

I have a very full work load this week. Now that everything else seem to be back to normal, all I've been doing is chasing deadlines. I should be working right at this moment but I really needed a breather. My arm is about to give out and I'm trying to prolong the agony of getting my much needed caffeine fix. Oh, I sooooo need one right now.

In my fear of gaining a lot of weight because of my asthma meds, I've been trying harder to be aware of what I eat and the activities I do. Yesterday, in an effort to control or minimize the weight gain, my sister and I decided to WALK home, literally. That's about 6 kilometers of road. With our running shoes and armed with mp3 players, we walked all the way from the Capitol to the Mandurriao Branch of Iloilo Supermart. When we got there, my sister begged off and we surrendered to a Tri-sikad driver who drove us the last few meters to our house. It was not as tiring as I thought and I felt energetic when I got home. It took us about an hour, taking shortcuts at the Iloilo Sports Complex, and followed the airport runway in Taft North. I've done long walks before but this is the first time I really walked home from work. Because of this, we've started to get ambitious. Today, we will be taking the Molo road and see where it gets us. :)

I have deadlines all over the place. I have the Dinagyang activities to deal with too. And more logos and monograms I could handle. I love Photoshop, but sometimes, there's not much room for anything else.

And I hate being disappointed. I was expecting a multi-media card, an mp3 player for my nephew and some new DVDs. But I didn't get any of it. Oh, well. But I really hate getting disappointed.

Re: my new blog title.
I am still into Atticus Finch. If I can't find my real Atticus, I might as well pretend to be a Finch - hehehe. I like the new blogger format. I have yet to experiment more with it. But this will do for now.

Ok, now I'm getting that cup of coffee.

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