Red she said

I'm red ... verrrrrrrrrrry RED. I dried myself under the sweltering sun during the Dinagyang weekend, taking pictures that very few people will ever see. I never learn. For the third year, in a row, I forgot to put on sunblock. This time, the damage is more intensive, covering my whole face. I did manage to protect my arms by wearing bikers sleeves. But my face, well, it's like someone threw hot water all over it. It stings. I am full of regret right now. I wasted a month's worth of Olay Total Effects. Just when I was beginning to love my face, and have memorized the Olay commercial to heart - boo hoo hoo. SUNBLOCK! How could I have forgotten.

Speaking of red, renewed ties with the Viking. The kitchen looks great ... and according to him is midget friendly (that would be me!). He has also fixed his roof, and has showed me the whole house and what he plans to do when I get there. His plans keep getting more real, fixing this and that. Preparing this and that. We seldom get a chance to talk. The time difference is exhausting. I'm too tired to get online when I get home. He wakes up too late to catch me. So our talks are short as they are sweet. I still find everything so unreal, but I was always the doubting Thomas. I need to see proof before I decide on anything.

While I was baking under the hot sun, my sisters were having a Sex In The City marathon. So I just catch the few episodes when I get home. I realized I missed the show and all the pondering all 30 something gals do to make life more complicated. I tell you, I am more of a SITC girl now than I was two years ago. My yahayah friends can attest to that. And yes, I still am not sure if I'm the marrying kind. Watching the series has convinced me of this.

Short IM from ex-bf. An indecent proposal from a married man. Hehehe. Tempting. I did say I want to try anything at least once. But no. I can still manage to fetch a bit of morals when circumstances calls for it. I have a feeling that the experience with the Crow has changed me. I'm no longer sweet. I'm not much of an idealist when it comes to relationships. I've become somewhat of a realist. And have somewhat become very arrogant about it. I like what I've become. I never want to be cinde-fcking-rela ever again. The Kkkkkk-katie girl is definitely much more fun.

From the Esquire/Marie Claire 2007 sex survey, the most powerful aphrodisiac is…

For Men
Looks 38%
Wealth 5%
Power 4%
Wit 11%
Intelligence 17%
Kindness 26%

For Women
Looks 17%
Wealth 2%
Power 6%
Wit 15%
Intelligence 18%
Kindness 43%

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