I’va had a busy day yesterday and found myself weakened by the sight of food. I ate rice. And I ate too much during dinner with all the bad food I was not suppose to take. Which goes to show how weak I am when it comes to self-control. I don’t think I have any. I was under stress. Some changes happened in the office today which has contributed greatly to my binge-ing.

To make matters worse, I caught my sister’s cold. I am now trying to tamper it with orange juice and lots of water. My nose is all clogged up and my throat feels like sandpaper. I wish I could just go home and sleep but I can’t. I have plenty to do at work.

My old boss has resurrected. Which means I will probably have lesser work than I used to have but will not see the results I want. But I guess that’s ok. I really can’t do the job she could so I might as wel stick to what I know best. So I’ve been busy these past few days updating her with all the going ons of the past two years when she was assigned somewhere else. I fear that the camaraderie and the teamwork we had while she was gone will all go to waste. But I hope, I really hope that it could improve now that she’s back

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