Sugar is bad for your health. But it goes without saying that sweeteners and diet colas are not as good as the real thing. So I’m still having difficulty with quitting sugar. But I have managed to limit my rice intake. AS IN! I read in a another blog that if you don’t lose 1 pound a week, then you’re not doing it right. I haven’t taken drastic measures but the changes I made are noticeable - to me anyway! (smirk). But that’s ok. It’s a struggle but that is always true if you’re making a lifestyle change.

I’m not going to sugar-coat the evils I’ve done. I know I will only be lying to myself. Last night, had chicken and broth for dinner - no rice. Skipped breakfast in the morning but had my morning coffee and couldn’t say no to the slice of cake my boss gave me (I liked it, and yes, I don’t want to say no to good cake - more importantly when it’s your boss offering it to you - had one slice). Lunch was batchoy and orange juice. Gave a third of the Batchoy to my friend Butchoy. Sharing is good for the health. Oh yes, had sugar-coated peanuts (hehehe) and my afternoon cup of coffee. A working girl needs brain food and caffeine to keep on going. My back aches from too much editing. But I like it.

So much for sugar-coated everything

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