FCKING Circus!

It's been quite a circus. There is pandemonium in the office building. A pulling of powers that cannot be resolve with just mild talk. No one claims to be liable. Everyone claims to have a legal right. Which is not only confusing, but purely stupid. So all employees are in a stand still. We cannot move. We cannot decide. We cannot talk freely for fear that you'd be linked to one side and loathe by another. So we wait. While the people above decide our fate. For now, we don't get our salaries. We don't get to process our papers. We don't get to have a point of view because both powers say they have our backs.

I cannot decide on a lesser evil. As far as I'm concerned, everything is evil. Nothing tyrannical is pure and good. Maybe it's the idealist in me. But I can't bear not taking sides. And I can't bear not having a choice - but that's exactly what it is ... no one is the lesser evil.

And one more thing, and may I say this with all candidness, I HATE MY FEMALE BOSS! I miss my teamwork. I miss the exchange of ideas. I miss getting credit for the things I DID and not having someone claim it for their own! I hate that I've become a secretary, instead of a person who could make change happen. And because of this, I HATE GOING TO WORK!

Good thing I am safe at home, smoking my Ventolin nebules and reading "The Devil Wears Prada". I am far from the hullaballoo. I've been sick for three weeks, absent for two days and getting my healthy dose of steroids. So I cannot be thin this month. My meds will not allow it. And my pockets will not allow me to go to Kalibo for the Ati-atihan for Photography class. And I can't pay the maid's salary if I don't get mine.


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