Poda rish

which probably means, I can't think of a title so I'm using gibberish just to have something up there. Sunny Baudelaire is teaching me words that only Lemony Snicket can understand ... so don't mind my title.

Saw the first few episodes on Grey's Anatomy. There's an on-going debate among my sisters and my nieces. McSteamy vs. McDreamy. I'm still partial to Burke ;)

Spent New Year's Eve at home watching fireworks in the darkness of night. We had a blackout a few minutes after the clock turned twelve. The whole residential area had no lights except for the sparks lighting the sky like diamonds. Which was quite enjoyable to watch.

I went to mass too. New Year's resolution? Ummm - I'm not sure yet. I'll see how long this goes. My friends punished me for not going to mass the whole year by making me eat a whole bar of cadbury chocolates. I tell you, it is not much fun if what you're craving for is potato chips. :) The sisterhood night-out is as always therepeutic and was quite a blast. It will be another year till we can do that again. Sigh.

I'm back to work. Which was quite welcoming because I was getting really bored back home. We didn't celebrate the fiesta and we hid at my brother's house the whole afternoon to avoid fiesta-visitors - hehehe.

And I started a secret blog too ;) which would explain why I was not here to greet you as soon as I felt like writing. I'm also thinking of changing the address of this blog, but I might lose all my previous posts with this new blogger beta thing. So, I might keep this one. My Mundo Beyondo list still applies for 2007, the oink oink year. Happy New Year everyone!

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