We not fat, we thick!

I'm having problems with exercise. I don't know if it's me making excuses or that I have very little self-control that I can't let myself do it. I am still with cold and still having asthma attacks. Wanted to start with 30 minute walks but that proves quite a challenge because I end up trying to catch my breath all the time. I wish there was an easier way.

This is in response to the Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell word war. Do I take offense when I'm called fat? Yes. That is an honest truth. I am overweight. My bmi says I am. Am I fat? Yes. Having to hear it from other people sounds more harsh than saying it to myself. But then again, if I don't hear it, would that push me to do something about it? I don't think so. I don't think I'd really care if people won't mention it. I might start to think I'm normal than I really am. But being overweight makes it more difficult for me to move. I know I would be more comfortable with my body if I lose a few more pounds. But I also find it difficult to lose weight if that's what all people see about me ... my being fat. The more people call me fat, the fatter I become so it seems. But maybe they can't help it? So yes, I do take offense that people call me fat. But I also must keep in mind that it is how I see myself too. The truth will sometimes hurt. Sigh, me need to be thick skinned too. I just keep thinking if people in Oprah can lose 200 to 300 lbs., why can't I lose a measly 30?

My boss ... she's returned. She's not so bad really. But she's not the team player that she claims she is. That's exactly what we were before she came back. And I'm afraid that now that she's taking the reins, we will all be moving in slow motion and without any direction except hers. And we won't have a say on how things should be. Because she tends to dictate more than she delegates. And we would become more robotlike and less productive. Sigh. Maybe I'm just fearing the worse. But this change saddens me. And I hate to think that I won't be so excited with projects than I was when we were a team. The Mission Impossible Squad. I am starting to miss our long table discussions.

The third rock from the sun is sending me a cellphone. :) I assume he has read my previous post about me needing a cellphone. Okay, maybe this blog is not income generating but it has its perks - HAHAHA! (sings:) Do a little dance, make a little love, have fun tonight, Yeah!

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